Intentions. What's in a word?

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So I'm not one for resolutions, I get it but its not for me and so often the wrong resolutions are made, hard to keep or too pragmatic. We tend to place so much pressure and expectation on ourselves which stops us from being in the moment and being able to feel; into what we truly need, what we can learn, and what we can change. Then filled with dissapointment, because maybe we failed, the resolution is lost in negativity and guilt... In all this time something amazing and magical might've passed by.

But after saying all that, I do love an 'Intention Word.' A very special word for the whole year ahead. Just 1 word that anchors me to being a better person, listening and evolving. A word that I can draw from and shout out loud when I need a little inspiration and putting back on track. My word for 2018 is FULLNESS.

Fullness in so many ways, physically I'm full to burst. Being heavily pregnant means I'm experiencing a very tangible form of FULL!!! But also a Fullness that sums up my life now, in a nutshell and on many levels.

Fullness in sanskrit is Purna, which also means complete, whole, satisfied and perfect. And when life gets crazy, over whelming, stressful and I'm screaming “get me out of here’’ or “its all too much’’ or “I can't cope’’ I will remember my word. Yes I could call it bonkers, hectic, too much or I could say - wow aren't I lucky my life is so damn full. To live a life that’s full is a gift, to live a life to its fullness is an adventure and I will stop in my tracks and be grateful for the abundance that I’ve been given.... and then (hopefully) stop screaming ;0).   

But, and there is a but, to experience my fullness positively I must honor the fact I CAN CHOOSE my fullness. I can choose the who's, what's, whys, whens and I will not act or speak in a way that leaks my energy but simply learn to sit back and enjoy the existing fullness and let it flow. I will try to be more honest, sometimes a little selfish and put myself first (note to most mums and woman out there). Treating my body, mind and heart with care will be priority. Feeling full to the brim, content and calm I will never stop being grateful for this fullness. 

So what’s in a word? So much power. A word can can destroy and it can inspire. So what's your word? Make it personal, make it positive and choose wisely.

A few ideas to get you thinking - fearless, wild, grounded, honest, grateful, forgiving, present.... and please feel free to share!! Big love, Lea xxx

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