Intentions. What's in a word?

So I'm not one for resolutions, I get it but its not for me and so often the wrong resolutions are made, hard to keep or too pragmatic. But I do love an 'Intention Word.' A special word for the whole year ahead that anchors me to being a better person, listening and evolving. My word for 2018 is FULLNESS.

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leanna PlantComment
The Inside Story

Gut health, made simple and with a deeply wholistic approach. Those who know me will tell you I’m big on gut health… Huge! It’s the center point, hub, head-honcho of our health and wellbeing. The digestive system is as important as the heart and brain. And thankfully it’s now becoming a buzz theme as research and knowledge is rising. We’re more interested in how our body’s work, we’re becoming our own doctors which (if done intelligently) is amazing news..... read on...

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